Sunday 3 December 2017

Time To Ditch General Merchandise

During a discussion with traders on Saturday, one said how he hated the term “General Merchandise” and he felt we should come up with a new name that didn’t belong in the 19th Century and better reflected modern interpretations. It turns out that this is a common view amongst traders and maybe it is time for change.

General Merchandise conjures up visions of dust coated shop assistants wearing light shades and shuffling around in dark storerooms. None of those visions are appropriate for a modern retail market, certainly not a bright, vibrant, open air market like The Queen Victoria Market.

“General Merchandise might be a convenient way of differentiating variety goods from food but it is just so boring and old world.”

A few years ago this website started using the term “Specialty Merchandise” for non-food traders. The justification was that each trader at QVM specialised in a particular range, category, or concept of retailing. Our CEO at the time, Jan Cochrane-Harry, embraced the term and it started to filter through official communication. Unfortunately, over a period of time, both QVM and CoM reverted to the old terminology. 

A couple of name suggestions over the weekend include New Age Purveyors Of Cool Stuff and Amazonians. The first one was definitely from an older trader although the second one is quite catchy. But seriously, here are some ideas about what might better describe the variety of offers in the top end of QVM and we would like yours -

Retail Sector.

Pop-Up Precinct.

Specialty Merchandise.

Small Business Domain.

Specialist Traders.

Living and Entertainment Precinct

Value Retailing

Discovery Retailing.

Sensory Market - sight, sound, smell, engage.

Trader Centre.

Variety Market.

Market World.

Modern retailing is filled with some bizarre buzzwords, and we don’t want to force trendy terminology just for the sake of if, but there appears to be nothing endearing about “General Merchandise”, and there must be better ways of describing what we do. We would like your views on an alternative name. How would you want us described to modern consumers? What best reflects what we do? Please respond anonymously or otherwise through the “Have Your Say” link below.

04/12/2017 08:51:34      New Name   "I like Specialty Merchandise."
Thanks for your input - Ed
04/12/2017 09:24:34      Ditching GM            "General merchandise is boring. Can we say Exciting merchandise?"
I like where you are heading - Ed
05/12/2017 15:54:07      Upper market         "Without doubt should be specialty merchandise don’t know why we are having this debate it should have been changed long ago most upper end businesses are Special."
Thank you for your contribution - Ed.