Sunday 10 December 2017

New Trader In F Shed And A New Idea

We came across George Halkidis and his printing and embroidery service in F Shed this week (corner of top walkway) and immediately his offer stimulated an idea from one of our traders.

This trader particularly liked George’s rendition of a Queen Victoria Market T-shirt and wondered whether all traders couldn’t wear such a T-shirt to show unity and teamwork. Proudly announcing to our customers that we are QVM believers makes a lot of sense.

And let’s avoid the politics here. This is not about any sort of anti movement, just a way of saying that we are proud of this place and want customers to share our pride and move forward with us.

Maybe something like this would be appropriate for stallholders to wear -

 We won’t unnecessarily reveal our Trader but let’s just say he was a member of the winning team in the recent golf competition and probably knows a thing or two about teamwork.