Sunday 20 January 2019

Heard Under The Sheds – 20/1/2019

A busker at the Night Market recently got his audience involved with a clever little activity involving a selfie video. He wanted to send his Grandmother back in England a special video for her birthday and as he panned his camera around the crowd cheered and jumped about for a very special birthday wish – great entertainment for the crowd and presumably for Grandma.

A trader who keeps good records says last year his February sales were better than his January sales and he is predicting the same this year.

A trader who went to the tennis this week says she can understand why tennis tourists are not spending much with us. Airfares, $400 per room per night accommodation, and the cost of actually getting into the tennis would drain many wallets.

A trader commented on our article last week about showing respect to new traders. He suggested that respect is two way and he is absolutely right.

A trader observed that walking down K Shed during trading time this week he counted 20 traders looking at their mobile phones. All posting to their business social media accounts no doubt.

A customer saw a thief take an item from a stall last week and alerted the trader. When the trader reclaimed the stolen item, the thief defiantly protested that she only stole because she didn’t have any money. The trader is still not sure how she should respond to that level of reasoning.

A little boy to his father on entering the temporary(?) toilet block at the top of String Bean Alley – “I don’t want to go in there Daddy. It looks scary and it smells.”

Gotta love the positive outlook of this trader – “Today’s market was populated by a very small number of actual buyers, and a very large number of potential buyers. Today was preparing for a future rush.”