Monday 21 January 2019

Customers Are Video Shopping At My Stall

This new way of shopping has popped up at my stall three times this week and each occasion resulted in a sale.

Video shopping is when a customer remotely examines your products through somebody else’s phone. The phone holder, or proxy shopper, will show the customer on the other end of the phone products that interest them and it becomes a bit like a shopping tour usually with continuous banter and regular review and comparison discussions. “What size is that? Can you show me the larger version? Please get a close-up. Ooh what was that?”

The customer sees the products and the proxy usually has vision of the customers face so that their reaction is monitored. The whole process seems to be remarkably effective and, as I mentioned in the introduction, each video shopping event this week resulted in a sale. One customer even bargained with me on the screen - quite bizarre!

Perhaps the most memorable situation was a Brother shopping for his Sister in New York. He had told her about some of my products, apparently unobtainable in the US, and they organised a video tie up. The Brother purchased 3 items and was catching up with his Sister in India in a week’s time.

Another customer was a Mother videoing for her Daughter who collected one of my products. The Mother sifted through the ten options I had in stock and the Daughter selected from the video vision. Sale done.

Of course there is no reason why he video shopping can’t be done with the stall holders phone as the medium. There are a number of free phone apps that allow videoing and I will certainly be investigating those options and how to offer them to my customers.

By Greg Smith

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