Sunday 27 January 2019

New Night Market And Other Things

Well, we can’t complain about QVM being complacent with Night Market concepts because invitations are out for a new Europa concept market beginning in April.
The market will “ showcase the very best in European food, culture and entertainment”. Keeping our Night Market fresh and at the top of its game is important as competitors hone in on a successful concept.

Expanding String Bean Alley:
Not only are we getting 12 new containers for String Bean Alley but CEO, Stan Liacos, is talking about expanding trading in the aisle as well. In an article in CBD News this week he said “String Bean Alley once complete mid this year will emerge as another groovy enticing laneway for central Melbourne that will be able to trade more days of the week and for slightly longer hours than it currently can given its current half-done state.”

Munro’s Demolition In The News:
A great time lapse of the Munro’s demolition appeared in the press this week.
Click here for the link.
And then one of our traders (thanks Corner Larder) posted a video on facebook showing workers hosing down the demolition process.
Click here for the link.

Miniature QVM:
Legoland is featuring a model of QVM with some very recognisable features.