Sunday 13 January 2019

Protecting One Of Our Most Important Market Resources

New traders are the potential lifeblood for a market looking to arrest declining trader numbers and inject variety into our offer. So why do some older traders give our newbies such a hard time?

There have been disturbing reports of established traders making life difficult for new traders. One new casual trader described some of her neighbours as bullies. Some of our older traders apparently like to take advantage of inexperienced new traders and suggest that they downsize their stall (so the established trader can spread) or claim that there is a standing arrangement to put their box in the new trader’s stall. Often the problem is as simple as a trader spreading without approval and denying a casual their allocated spot.

It is hard enough for casuals to set up their stalls, often in different spots each day, without their neighbours making life more difficult.

As we said in the opening – new traders are incredibly important to the future of our market. We need to arrest the decline in trader numbers caused by tough trading conditions and we need to present a fresh offer to our customers as we compete with all the other retail options around Melbourne. New traders should be given a hand up to make sure they have every opportunity for success.

Attempting to gain an advantage at the expense of a new trader is simply counter-productive. Let’s get behind all our new traders, stop putting barriers in their way, and offer to assist them in any way possible. Their success becomes our success. Besides it is what respectful people do.