Sunday 31 March 2019

Heard Under The Sheds - 31/3/2019

Renewal Proposal - There has been plenty of discussion under the sheds about the new renewal proposal with hardly any complaint about most of the infrastructure components - more and better storage, updated waste disposal, management offices onsite, and so on. But car parking - can there ever be enough? (See separate article on trader parking).

Buses - Thursday this week apparently produced good business for some in the Upper Market and the presence of tourist buses up on Peel St. was cited as a reason. One trader said “Can someone please push the bus button every trading day.”

Car parking - with the news that Coles are taking up with eBay so they can use their delivery infrastructure, one trader is suggesting that we should find a way to offer free or subsidised delivery to our customers. “We certainly wouldn’t need as many car parks and it would remove many of the reasons for a customer saying no to a purchase.” 

A couple of traders commented on a new stall selling cotton shopping bags. The bags have  colourful prints depicting Melbourne and Australian icons including our own pallet tree. “It is nice to see fresh new products adding to the mix.”

A trader is asking when are the QVM cleaning contractors are going to supply paper rubbish bags in line with our sustainability policy.

A tourist customer commented that when he walked into a stall it was cold wet and windy, but when he walked out there was sunshine with a nice warm breeze. “Welcome to Melbourne mate!”

Queen St. traders are nearing a deadline to make way for seating and landscaping adjacent to the sheds. According to one trader there may be strong resistance.