Sunday 17 March 2019

Maybe QVM Is At The Cutting Edge of Milennial Attraction

The owner of one of the world's top retail consultancies has predicted that milennials will continue to be attracted to physical shopping although he issues a warning...

"Millennials have lived their whole lives being stimulated by inordinate amounts of media. By comparison, most retail is relatively boring, if we get right down to it. How many times a week do you walk into a store and say, ‘You know, I need to take a selfie of this place?’ Zero."

Well, hang on, we get lots of selfie/store photography at QVM. there are plenty of places where younger shoppers pull out their mobile phones and take a photo.

They do it in our Meat & Fish hall, during Queen St. festivals, at our Night Market, and some key traders like Karl's American Doughnut Kitchen and Ronnie's Fabulous Juice Van are subjected to constant selfie-taking.

Maybe we are more trendy than we realise.

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