Sunday 17 March 2019

Shoes Of Prey In Liquidation

I can remember one of our market shoe sellers listing online newcomer Shoes Of Prey as one of the reasons he was leaving our market but it turns out that Shoes Of Prey didn’t have it right either.

A few years ago Shoes of Prey were the exciting new kids on the block with a revolutionary method of selling shoes to customer specifications from a website. Customers could choose a whole range of options including style and colour from a sophisticated interactive website.

Our market trader trader knew his stuff because he had handmade shoes to customer specifications for many years but he found that customers were no longer prepared to pay his prices for handmade excellence and he couldn’t quite understand how online sellers like Shoes of Prey were doing it.

Shoes of Prey went into liquidation a couple of weeks back, apparently victims of a change in consumer preferences. They claim their big mistake was assuming customers wanted to design their own shoes when in fact they were more impressed by copies of what other people, particularly famous people, were wearing. Instagram and Facebook were determining what people bought, rather than the opportunity to create your own design.

Just when you think retailing has chosen a course, it twists again.