Sunday 7 April 2019

QVM - A Productive Training Ground For Young Business Hopefuls

At QVM we should be proud of the grounding we have given to a number of successful business people.

There are many stories within our market of young aspiring business people who started as stall packers or shop assistants and went on to very successful careers.

At a recent social event we heard the story of a young student stall packer who displayed great working qualities and didn’t surprise his boss when he ended up as a partner at Price Cooper Waterhouse in New York.

Or the stall assistant who completed his business degree in Melbourne and went on to become Head of Finance at a large Asian company.

Many of those students, now successful business people, have maintained contact with their trader bosses. You don’t forget your roots.

Then of course there are those who made the ultimate leap and became Market Traders. Photographer, Tony Pierrakos, used to sell hammocks at our market. Ninh, trader of helicopters and other fascinating models, used to work for one of our knitwear traders and a leather jacket trader.

Queen Victoria Market teaches young business prospects how to be street wise, how to converse with a huge variety of different cultures and personalities, how to develop selling and financial skills that may be absent in the normal classroom, and gives them exposure across the full range of business activities and responsibilities, albeit at a micro level.

And then there is the social confidence gained from exposure to raw Aussie trader banter - the jokes, the jibes, the ribbing, and the genuine human respect that underlies much of that activity. A young person who survives everything the Queen Victoria Market throws up has a good grounding for the harshness of the outside business world.

Of course this is not one way. Many of these successful business people showed their worth early - hard working, willing to take on a variety of tasks, respectful to others, and quick to learn. These are dream qualities for market workers and highly sought after by traders.

It could be said that the contribution of young business people, and the things they learn at QVM, add to the rich worth of our great market.