Sunday 21 April 2019

Retail Articles Worth A Read – 21/4/2019

Are your kids going to grow up to be entrepreneurs just like you? Well, here is some advice if you want to make sure that happens -

Ikea wants to reinvent itself as a circular company where it takes control of its products from manufacturing, through retailing, and finally to its end of life disposal.

As retail sales fall it is not just retailers that take a hit. This article takes a look at the serious impact on the transport industry.

Google delivery drones get green light to start deliveries in Australia.

So you have a website – is it really effective? – does it ask for action? -

A small robotics company created this retail device that Walmart have just put into 350 stores.

KFC and Reject Shop join forces to combat abuse of Shop Staff by customers.

Neiman Marcus looks at second hand market for luxury goods.

Shark Tank is blamed for a drop in American entrepreneurship.

A retail store chain called Five Below is setting new profitability standards in US.