Sunday 14 April 2019

Heard Under The Sheds - 14/4/2019

A Trader says that we are currently sorting the real traders from the good time traders. “How a trader reacts in tough times and adapts to adversity is the real measure of a market trader.”

A trader says he experienced a different kind of American tourist this week. “Apart from the accent they could have come from next door”. We will leave you to work out what he meant.

Good reports from the first Europa Night Market. A number of traders commented on a great atmosphere particularly from the live music, a family friendly environment, and seemingly a lot of new faces.

A trader says he loves the way that summer keeps on giving even well into April - “Winter fashion will have to wait a bit longer.”

With all this focus on customer convenience one of our traders decided to introduce a subsidised delivery service. It was particularly aimed at interstate customers. He put stickers on his more bulky items offering Australia Post delivery across Australia for flat rates ranging from $8 - $15. That was about 3 weeks ago. Take up since? - zip, nada, zilch. He is re-thinking that strategy and admits to being a little confused.

Has anyone sighted the customer who says he is coming back later?

A trader says he likes the Easter promotion that has special stickers at selected stalls around the market. Customers follow a trial around the market and mark off sticker locations as they go. This trader has gained direct sales as a result but says it is all about generating positive family fun for the kids and a good experience at QVM.

A different perspective from one trader who says he feels sorry for customers in tough times - “They are weighed down by bills, unstable work environments and now a bloody government election. Who’d want to be a consumer right now?”

Speaking of tough times, apparently a number of our stall assemblers and helpers have found themselves out of work as stallholders take back some of the more mundane tasks just to save money.

And finally, the sort of news every trader wants to hear – one of our traders did so well with the Sri-Lanka Festival crowd on Sunday that he sold out of produce and couldn’t serve last minute customers. That is the sort of problem we all want.