Monday 8 April 2019

Questions On Car Parking

The latest renewal proposal has been approved by Council and one of the sticking points for traders has always been car parking.

The current car park is to be eventually converted to parkland but not before two alternative car parking facilities are built – 500 car parks under the Munro building, and up to 500 more in a new building at the Franklin Street end of the site. This could all take 6 years to complete. 

Concerns have been raised about the distance of the southern site on Franklin Street and also what impact moving the main parking down to Munro’s will have on general trading. Presumably it will be beneficial for the food halls but what will be the impact on the Upper Sheds? Fortunately 6 years is a good time span to measure and evaluate car parking trends. 

But some other questions have been raised by traders. Will the Munro parking (and the Franklin parking) be available to market customers or will it be commandeered by other city users?

Essentially traders want to be sure that every customer who wants to fill their boot with market goods is able to do so without too much inconvenience. There are ways of ensuring that market customers get preference and that may need attention as we move on with this project.

NOTE: a comment previously attached to this article has been published as a separate article under the title "Trader Comment On J Shed Shading".