Sunday 15 September 2019

Heard Under The Sheds - 15/9/2019

Good Samaritan - our photo shows a Trader chasing after a customer who had accidentally dropped $50 at their stall. Those of you who know “Auntie” will realise that “chasing” is not her forte but she got the job done. A very commendable act and great for customer sentiment.

It is all in the timing...... a Trader asks why we are having all this red tape, including discussion around licenses, bonds, and demerit points, coinciding with one of the darkest trading periods this decade. “Don’t they realise we are hurting?”

This Trader sees a bright side - “I’ll be able to tell my Grandchildren I traded through the 2019/20 recession.”

Another Trader says “I’m sick of all this recession talk. We are market Traders - we know there are going to be downturns and we need to prepare for them.” Then he admitted he hadn’t prepared for this one. Nice thought however.

Lost some stock? Traders in SBA report finding stock under adjoining containers on particularly windy days including one Trader who recovered a number of items from the car park.

Early call – it is only half way through the month but a Trader is predicting that Australia’s September Retail Sales figures will show a significant decline. You heard it here first.

A few Traders are delighted that QVM P/L is planning a smoking ban at our market.

A couple of weeks back we posted a Trader’s suggestion that barriers between containers in SBA should be removed so that we could add to the adventure of customers searching Melbourne’s newest laneway. This photo shows what they were talking about.

Ronnie Z has a big blackboard outside his caravan which announces the soup of the day. Ronnie will often chalk up the heading “Today’s Soup Is…” and then head off to the Fruit & Veg section for supplies. The blank space was too tempting for one of Ronnie’s neighbours. While he was away this neighbor chalked in a soup with most unappetizing ingredients. In fact it was so unsavory that it was quickly erased in case some wag put it on social media. We’ll let you speculate on the ingredients.

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