Sunday 15 September 2019

You Are Not Alone

The official RUOK day was this week but we want to talk about something related and it concerns a potential source of anxiety.

Business is bad. September is described by some as “Septic September” for very good reason. The really depressing thought is that it might only be you, and this can cause anxiety, but we can assure you that you are not alone.

Many Traders are describing current trading conditions as the worst in decades. We understand that one of our Trader Representatives actually gave out her takings at this week’s TRC meeting to illustrate the current downturn. So if you have days when you are only taking around $150, many other Traders are as well.

It is interesting that with the huge variety of stalls, merchandise, and target audiences, we will all generally experience similar sales levels on any given day. There are obviously some exceptions, but generally, your level of takings will be mirrored throughout the precinct.

So knowing that we are all experiencing similar conditions may make it a little easier to talk about the problem(s), discuss solutions and find some answers. Talking to your neighbours, Precinct Managers, and SBMS Mentors may be a good start.