Sunday 29 September 2019

A Key Initiative In QVM’s 2019/20 Business Plan Could Be A Great Opportunity

There is lots of good stuff in QVM’s 2019/20 Business Plan. E-commerce and grocery delivery partnership, new Licensing & Leasing Framework, and adjusting trading hours are some of those, but the one that caught the eye of many was “Reviewing the layout of the Upper Market Open Sheds”.

Traders have been urging measures to correct the gaps in the Upper Market caused by departing traders. The retail recession is creating havoc in retail precincts worldwide and re-configuring our Upper market could be the perfect opportunity to make some improvements, restore the buzz necessary for good trading, introduce some entertainment elements, and prepare our market for the future.

We could use this opportunity to try some new layouts, maybe introducing more permanent structures, and perhaps experimenting with different stall formats that offer more flexibility.

The retail recession is causing retailers worldwide to reassess, experiment, and come up with better ways. QVM and its Traders have a great opportunity to do the same.