Monday 2 September 2019

Heard Under The Sheds – 1/9/2019

A Trader has suggested a memory quiz for Traders seeking the new Trader Service Awards. To prove their longevity they would be asked historical market questions. An example might be “Where were the QVM 100 year celebrations held in 1978?” and “What was the Sunday rent in open stands in 1978?” Thanks to Neil MacDonald for this proposal.

Rumours that 2 more Traders from the Upper Market are planning on hanging up their market boots soon. Both have normal wage jobs lined up.

A Trader reports that he was delayed by a customer after closing time on Friday, more followed, and he did a good bit of business before closing an hour later. He is under no illusions (when you are the only trader still open you will likely get business), but after a quiet day, the surge at the end was most welcome.

A Trader has suggested that rather than place barriers between containers in SBA we should encourage customers to walk between containers and add to the whole “exploring a city alleyway” feeling.

Night Market Weather – A Trader says Night market seems to be charmed with good weather even in winter. Traders have commented on the willingness of Melbournians to come out even when weather forecasts look dire. This week might have been our worst weather for the season with a very bleak forecast earlier in the week and a significant downpour at the start of the evening. The crowd was still significant.

Passenger Vacuum – Friday’s tram strike appeared to have a severe effect on customer numbers at the market. A customer who walked from Flinders St. during the strike said that there was a huge crowd down around Flinders St. but numbers dwindled as she walked up to the market.

Passenger  Opportunity - The temporary bus depot established at nearby Flagstaff Gardens over the weekend while the City Loop was closed didn’t create the hoped for rush of travellers at the market. One Trader said he visited the area at about 2:30 on Sunday and there were only 2 buses in transit and no more than 5-6 passengers at each pick-up point.

A Trader says there is definitely a good use for C Shed - 5 children of stall holders, a couple of cardboard box “goals” and a soccer ball all combine for some real action.

The QVM sausage sizzle in Queen St. on Sunday was apparently quite well patronised. Proceeds went to the Prostate Cancer Foundation with at least two Traders paying $20 for their sausage and refusing the change.

Bad (but irresistible) Joke of the Week - "Why did the super model insist on learning trapeze? She wanted to get into high fashion."