Sunday 2 February 2020

Latest Retail News – 2/2/2020

Latest Retail News – 2/2/2020
1. A Sydney Dan Murphy store sells a 72 year old bottle of whiskey for $150,000.
2. David Jones same store sales slip, but online up 61%.
3. Treasury Wine Estates (Penfolds etc.) cuts guidance.
4. Australian CEO’s pessimistic about business prospects even before bushfires hit.
5. Industry groups want banks to make tap’n’go cheaper.
6. Aussie brewer releases hemp beer.
7. Booktopia buys Co-op Book business.
8. Greenlit Brands (Fantastic Furniture, Freedom, Snooze) reports $287m loss in 2019.

Articles Worth A Read:
(Caution- some of these articles paint a fairly sad picture. The article about 2020 being a dismal year also suggests that Australia is unlikely to go into recession. We seem to be experiencing a torrent of bad news right now and maybe time will give us some balance - Ed.)
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