Friday 25 May 2012

Australian Made, Australian Grown for Traders

Traders selling Australian products will be interested in the following announcement from QVM management. Participation in the Australian Made, Australian Grown program involves a minimum annual fee of $300 but it costs nothing to attend the information session and this may just be the answer to attracting tourists looking for your Australian products.

"Get the Australian advantage
It’s no secret that operating in the current retail environment is difficult for many Australian businesses, including traders and stall holders at Australia’s markets.
While fierce competition, cheap imports and online shopping pose significant challenges, traders and stall holders that sell Australian made or grown products can gain a competitive advantage.
By leveraging country of origin labelling, traders and stall holders can actively promote goods as Australian and appeal to consumers’ preference for buying Australian-made.
One of the most effective ways to leverage country of origin labelling is to use the Australian Made, Australian Grown logo.
Research demonstrates that Australians have a clear preference for buying Australian Made and Grown products. This can be a powerful marketing tool and should be used as one.
Trusted, wanted and effective
·         94% of shoppers recognise the Australian Made, Australian Grown logo
·         85% of shoppers trust the logo over any other country of origin branding such as flags, maps and pictures of animals
·         65% of shoppers consciously buy Australian Made or Australian Grown whenever possible or often?
The famous green-and-gold Australian Made, Australian Grown logo is the only certification trademark that labels a product as authentically made or grown in Australia.
Only traders that are registered with Australian Made, Australian Grown (AMAG) may use this logo. The AMAG logo must always be used with one of four descriptors; Australian Made, Australian Grown, Product of Australia or Australian Seafood.
“The number of businesses registering to carry the logo is clearly linked to an increased consumer interest in buying goods that support our economy, keeping jobs in Australia and meeting high safety standards,” AMAG Chief Executive, Ian Harrison, said.
Learn more about becoming a licensee at the Australian Made, Australian Grown Information Session for market traders and stall holders at the Electrolux Cooking School on Thursday, July 19th at . Refreshments provided.
Why attend?
·         Learn more about the AMAG logo
·         Hear about success stories from current licencees
·         Ask questions
·         Participate in the discussion around country of origin labelling
Register at or by calling 1800 350 520."