Tuesday 15 May 2012

A Traders Recipe for Improvement

One of our fruit & vegetable retailers has offered his views on improving the QVM.
1.       Introduce new retail  outlets – Groceries, Post Office, Newsagency, more Food Stores, Dry Cleaners, Alterations, Hair dressers  - to give our customers an all round shopping experience.
2.       Kids area and safety crossings for families.
3.       Full page advertising in daily newspapers.
4.       Extra parking with 2 hours free on Saturday and Sunday. Stop parking losses – 30-40 spots have been lost within the carpark. Victoria St. parking has been lost. Parking at the Franklin/Queen St. roundabout has been lost.
5.       More tourists.
6.       Reduce traders rent.
7.       Cool rooms to maintain fruit in fruit and vegetable areas.
Thanks Ben.

andy Andy said...
Ben has some very valid points.
my view is that a lot more parking spaces have been lost. When you take into account the time changes, on the signs.
why would you charge, parking fees on the weekends in an empty city, void of traffic?
Im still waiting for the day i get a good answer to this .
don’t  you know that you have to pay from 6.30 am until well past 7 pm on week ends.
16 May 2012 20:37