Thursday 17 May 2012

Consultation Over M Shed More Important Than It Seems.

Traders will be aware that management are planning a new retailing concept in M shed that basically involves the introduction of craft traders operating out of shipping containers.
The containers will be lock up, presumably have power, and will be occupied by traders who make their own goods.
Introducing new concepts into the top end is part of a plan to rejuvenate the market and provide new and exciting aspects for our customers. The rejuvenation process is championed by our Lord Mayor and is consistent with his push to return QVM to its number 1 iconic position in Melbourne's landscape.
The intent is positive but like all change, it brings problems. M shed currently looks on to a QVM slum with the back of L shed being devoted to a jumbled mix of cars, vans and storage boxes. Obviously, for the new retail concept to be given every chance of success, the back of L shed needs to be tidied up and traders who have box storage in that area and, in some cases a personal car park, may have to find alternatives. Now, before those traders get up in arms, let's make it clear that whilst a personal carpark is probably generally conceded as a luxury, a trader’s reliance on stall access and storage facilities are a very important part of running a market business.
The bottom line is that consultation is imperative. Traders with individual problems need to be accommodated. Equally, a brave new concept deserves every chance of success. The willingness of traders and management to reach a positive result for the benefit of the whole of the QVM is under scrutiny.