Friday 4 May 2012

Taking Supermarkets to Task.

The two major supermarket chains, Coles and Woolworths, are very keen to identify themselves as traditional fresh food markets in their advertising campaigns. Who are they kidding? Paul Hogan may have given us an idea for countering their spin?

It is not our normal brief to post articles about fresh food but, let's face it our fortunes are directly linked with our fresh food counterparts in the market. I have heard it said that we are a shopping  centre anchored by the best fresh food supermarket in the southern hemisphere and as much as the "shopping centre" and "supermarket" tags are inappropriate, different trader groups certainly have a common interest in each other's fortunes.

Woolworths regularly airs TV advertisements identified as "News from the markets". Coles also use the "market" term in their promotions so perhaps it is time we called them to task. We like the idea of one of our traders (thank you David) who proposes that we para-phrase Paul Hogan.

You think this is a fresh food market?


THIS is a fresh food market!

 Now, ok we need to get the pictures a bit more punchy but you understand what we are getting at.

Email from Jillian Renwood -
"At last it makes sense they are not and will never be Fresh Food Markets they need to be put in their place and any publicity or news Story of interest  for QVM is good publicity because it is all Free Advertising.
Regards Jillian Renwood"

06/05/2012 18:32:46 great idea ..should be pursued 

06/05/2012 19:40:29 What a fantastic idea!