Thursday 10 May 2012

Council Allocates $2.65 Million to QVM in Today’s Budget

The Melbourne City Council’s 2012/13 budget was released today. It contains an allocation of $2.65m for the Queen Victoria Market which according to the Age “is for a major overhaul of the Queen Victoria Market, including repairs and new design works”.
The following was taken from the MCC website this evening -
"$2.65 million allocated in operating and capital to continue  delivering on the vision for the Queen Victoria Market in collaboration with our key stakeholders;"

Cost - Capital - $1,575,000
Cost - Operational - $1,034,824

ITEMS - Undertake an integrated community engagement program.
           - Commencement of design options for a suite of renewal projects focussing on the market and its surrounds.
           - Develop a delivery and financial model for renewal of market precinct.
           - Research and develop sustainable infrastructure masterplan for QVM precinct looking at district wide water, energy and waste strategies.
           - Delivery of ongoing asset maintenance and upgrade to QVM buildings and infrastructure.
           - Prepare strategy to develop and enhance retail and hospitality businesses within market precinct.
           - Develop design briefs for three renewal projects.

11/05/2012 17:05:11 A step in the right direction.politicians will always do what is good for them. Whether we trust them or not, at least the issues facing the Queen Victoria market are slowly becoming  targeted. It is a pity if the current management understood the situation or listened more carefully, , mybe we could have been at a more progressive stage in the revamping and improving the market. Anyway, this is a very positive start... council allocation budget

13/05/2012 05:58:13 I thought the QVM had been allocated money that will allow all stallholders to have electricity, does anyone know what is going on with that project? because i was excited then and so far i havent heard any news. So it sounds great that they were allocated more money, but so far management has not shown to be able to make the right decisions for the stallholders so lets just wait and see how this money is spent. I dont know that the most pressing issues facing the market require a lot of money to resolve them. The money can be put to good use once those pressing issues are resolved first otherwise it will just be wasted in the attempt to once again cover up the real issues that we have (that being the quality and quantity of the stallholders and products offered). QVM Millions     I think you'll find some details on power in this weekends Trader's Bulletin from our CEO - Ed

14/05/2012 06:36:38 mayor doyle has the right attitude to revamp the mkt,I applaud his foresight. If you want electricity get an invertor and car battery and make your own!(they will cost you about $250.for the day traders)