Friday 18 May 2012

Cautious Optimism On Retail Sales Growth.

We posted recently that April retail sales were up almost 1% following modest rises in February and March.
Commentators are now pointing to the cash splash elements of the recent federal budget as a positive for retail. The decline of the Australian dollar makes overseas prices for goods less attractive and that is also seen as a positive for local retailers.
Waiting for things to get better is not the recommended course of action. Retailers need to constantly look for ways of improving their business and embracing new methods and technologies, but a background of positive growth certainly helps.

This post was written yesterday (Thursday 17th May). We notice today that the US and Australian stock markets have dropped dramatically as the Greek political drama sucks the confidence out of world economic discussion. It seems a little crazy to talk of optimism in this environment but we are going to go with the trend of the last few months as our best guide. Todays economic down will be followed by tomorrow's up - won't it? - Ed