Sunday 4 August 2013

Latest Retail News – 4/8/2013

Latest Retail News – 4/8/2013
1. Robins Kitchen wins Most Satisfied Customers award.
2. Nielson research says Australian consumer confidence on the rise.
3. Consumer Price Index rose 0.4% in June quarter as expected.
4. ACCC questions spiralling petrol discount schemes offered by Coles and Woolworths.
5. Food and Grocery Council challenge planned food obesity ratings.
6. Saks Fifth Avenue sold to Canadian conglomerate, Hudson Bay.
7. PixiFoto Australia shuts down its business.
8. Best & Less launches plus size fashion at same price as normal range.
9. Dick Smiths opens new stores in Pitt St. Sydney and Lilydale.
10. Roy Morgan Research reports shoppers are noticing loss of key brands on supermarket shelves.
11. New owner of Borders bookstore brand to re-open in Singapore this year.
12. Overseas shoppers see Australia as one of the 6 key global online shopping destinations.
13. Boston Consulting Group says Australian consumers continue to prioritise saving over spending.