Sunday 11 August 2013

Apple and QVM Have Something In Common

How could a technical giant of the digital age, Apple, have something in common with the ultimate traditional retailer The Queen Victoria Market? Obviously we are both retailers, but there is something that Apple concentrates on that QVM traders also have access to.

One of the first things you notice in an Apple store is the large number of sales staff. Apple ensure that they have an army of available sales staff so that within seconds of entering their store you are greeted by a friendly knowledgeable sales person. Sure, they are helped by lots of technical trickery but the essence of their service is personal attention, and if you have ever shopped at an Apple store, that service is very impressive.

Queen Victoria Market Traders don't have an army of sales assistants but we can offer the same sort of service. We operate on a much smaller scale but customers entering your stall have the same opportunity for friendly personal attention that many of our larger competitors are lacking. It is a competitive advantage we have over larger stores and, like Apple, we need to recognise its importance and make the most of it. Constantly improving our communication skills and giving personal attention to every customer is one of the best ways we have of ensuring a profitable business.

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