Sunday 25 August 2013

Two Important Meetings

Trader's Representatives held two important meetings this week as we attempt to establish a suitable role for traders in the communication and decision making structure leading into renewal.

Jan Cochrane-Harry is the consultant appointed by the QVM Board to investigate communication processes at QVM. On Tuesday this week Jan met with all 10 Trader Representatives and presented a draft document of the issues and actions following the series of trader/board/council meetings last year. It is anticipated that a final draft of the progress so far will be communicated to traders in the near future, probably in the form of meetings.
Wide ranging discussions were also held on other issues including relations with management, the Board, and Council, and the role of traders in the renewal consultation process.  Jan will be working on issues over coming weeks and we can expect to see her around the market.

In a similar vein, three Trader Representatives (Ivano, Kon Kardaras, George Milonas) held a meeting with Mark Stoermer of Melbourne City Council on Thursday afternoon. Mark is Director of Corporate Business. This is the first approach by QVM Advisory Committee Representatives direct to City Council and is seen as an important step in cementing relations with the owners of QVM. Discussions focused on the role of MCC as overseer of the market and how traders could best be part of the decision making and communication process going forward.

Setting the groundwork for meaningful involvement by traders is essential in the securing the future of QVM. Progress is slow and we understand that traders are keen for results that impact on the business bottom line. Trader's Representatives believe that cementing our role in the QVM structure will give us the best chance of trader's impacting positively on the future of this great public market and insuring against the mistakes of the past.

The QVM Advisory Committee (previously known as  TAC) is a body made up of 10 elected Trader Representatives who represent each area of the market. The committee is chaired by the QVM CEO. The QVM Advisory Committee meets at regular intervals to consider and advise on market issues, and minutes are provided to the QVM Board.

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