Sunday 4 August 2013

Three Seconds To Grab Your Customer’s Attention.

The front of your stall is considered the stage to your theatre. The way you present your stall is the key to impressing customers and maximising your potential sales for the day. And you only get 3 seconds to impress them.

If customers don’t get what you are offering they will continue walking. If you confuse them with clutter they will continue walking. If you present a display almost identical to other stalls in your vicinity, they will continue walking.

Selling the same sorts of products as other traders is a real problem at QVM. We have plenty of duplication. But you can overcome that by creating a difference in your display, it just requires some clever thinking. Be creative. Dedicate some space at the front of your stall for something eye-catching. Suspended products or products at crazy angles can catch the eye. A large space with just one product in it can do the same. Colour is a great attractor. A white dress on a bright red model may attract the interest you are looking for. An antique pram suspended in front of a children’s wear stall may attract the right attention. The opportunities are almost endless.

Traders have a lot to think about in a normal trading day and it is easy to become so engrossed in the detail that you miss the big picture. Here is a tip – take a walk away from your stall and then walk back pretending you are a customer. Does your stall stand out? Does it grab you? Does it tell you what you are selling at a glance. Remember, it has to do all that in 3 seconds.