Sunday 4 August 2013

Interim CEO Arrangements

Chairman, Paul Guerra, has made the following announcement following the departure of CEO, jennifer Hibbs -

Dear Traders,
Given the departure of Jennifer Hibbs this coming Friday, we wanted to give you an update on the leadership of the Market.
We have commenced the recruitment of the new CEO, which will be handled independently by the Slade Group. The response to the advertisement in Saturday's paper has been exceptional, and we are delighted with the interest.
Between Jennifer's departure and the appointment of the new CEO, it is our intent to keep the existing management team in place, with an enhanced presence from the Board for this period. As has been the case during times when Jennifer has taken leave, one of the Executives will be asked to be the acting CEO for a period. From Monday August 5th, that will be Victor Ailakis, and for the month of September it will be Chris Mason.
We have confidence in the team continuing to operate the Market during this transition, and we welcome your support.
Kind regards
Paul Guerra