Friday 23 August 2013

Message From Bernie Dunn and Other Matters

Bernie Dunn Passes On Condolences - ex Manager of QVM and now General Manager of Pipeworks Markets, Bernie Dunn, has passed on his condolences following Michael Presser's passing.
23/8/2013 "So sorry to hear of Michael's passing...he was a great support to me in my time at the Queen Vic. Condolences from all at Pipeworks Market." Bernie Dunn
Thank you for your thoughts Bernie.

Google Glass App Checks Prices - Google Glass is the new computer you wear and it does lots of things for you including videoing what you are looking at. A new app allows you to automatically check the price of items you are looking at by scanning the barcode and comparing the price offered by other suppliers.

Falling Australian Dollar Helps Retailers - the dramatic decline in the A$ means that goods purchased overseas are all of a sudden 15-20% dearer. This makes local goods more price attractive and, together with disincentives to Australians travelling overseas, works in favour of Australian domestic retailers.

Wednesday the Biggest Day For Online Buying - Date analytics and marketing research firm, Quantium, says research shows Saturday and Sunday are the weakest days for online retail spending. Sales rise on Monday and Tuesday, peak on Wednesday at just over 16% of online spending, before tapering off Thursday and Friday.

Rugby Drives Tourism - the Australian Bureau of Statistics has reported that June international arrivals were up 7.6% from May and 10.1% from June last year with most of the increase due to the British and Irish Lions rugby union tour. Even allowing for the rugby blip, the underlying tourism trends look encouraging as the lower A$ takes effect.