Friday 2 August 2013

PA System To Be Trialled For Wider Use

On Tuesday  6/08/2013  around 2pm-2.30pm QVM will conduct an audio test of the markets P.A. system to determine  the quality and feasibility of its use  as  an advertising tool designed to better inform and communicate with all our customers throughout the entire market precinct.

This is the first step in accessing the P.A.'s  capabilities of delivering a quality product over such a large area. There are some doubts about the ability of the current system and it may be necessary to consider an upgrade in the future. In the meantime, management and the TAC are working through the options.

The TAC (Traders Advisory Committee) is a body made up of 10 elected Trader Representatives. The committee is chaired by the QVM CEO. The TAC meets at regular intervals to consider and advise on market issues, and minutes are provided to the QVM Board. 

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