Sunday 12 October 2014

Adversarial Approach By Traders May Have A Price

Last Thursday’s Trader’s meeting was seen as uncomfortably adversarial by a number of traders. The meeting was attended by management and involved a presentation on the upcoming Music Week Event. Traders seeking to make their point about any issue at QVM need to carefully tread the line between reasoned argument and grandstanding if they are to achieve the maximum response from negotiations.

A “them and us” approach probably has little point here and yet a number of traders continue to pursue that course. There is a lot traders want from management and fortunately the signs for effective negotiations are quite good as two recent issues have shown. The single day absences for SL License holders and the options sorted out for the Music Week Event have both reached a reasonable conclusion.

One item on the trader’s wish list is for QVM to collect subsidies for the Traders Association. Those subsidies will allow the employment of an executive Officer/Negotiator to handle our affairs in a more professional way than is possible with part time representatives. QVM are not obliged to collect subsidies but if we can show that a professional traders association will oil the wheels and benefit both parties we may get their approval. If on the other hand we show our association as being unreasonably adversarial we may not.

A Traders Association that doesn’t show professional intent may be severely restricted in its operation.