Sunday 26 October 2014

Greyhound Racing In QVM Car Park?

A tongue-in-cheek letter from one of our traders but with a serious message.

Dear CEO,
          I am a concerned trader (I know, you have a few of those) and I have a simple request. I would like you to duplicate the crowd that visited our market on Thursday 16th October.
          That was the day that thousands of delegates to a religious conference in Melbourne visited our market and sent our sales graphs spiralling upwards. I know that it might be difficult to organise 70,000 extra visitors to Melbourne every week but the impact of extra people was so dramatic that it deserves your attention.
          And I don’t really care how you get those extra people to our market. You could hold greyhound racing in the car park, parade llamas up and down Queen St or fly boomerangs up J Shed (and back). You could hold a flower show, a chess tournament, or even a music festival (there is a good idea). The Huffington Post includes, rock stars, religious ceremonies, and major sporting events in its list of sure-fire global crowd drawers. Melbourne already hosts those types of events. Seriously -  whatever it takes!
          I do have one condition. My business, and many like it in the top end, is “modest and fragile”. That is not just a catch phrase – it is a reality. My customers marvel at my ability to set-up and pack-down every day and think I must be a very innovative and flexible operator. The reality is that I follow exactly the same processes every day and practice makes perfect. Even a slight change to that process requires planning. So, please give me plenty of warning if you want me to accommodate a special event and be aware of my “modest and fragile” nature. I am prepared to be flexible (particularly if you can bring a tidal wave of customers) but I need consideration.
          Thursday 16th was a powerful reminder. Bring us bigger crowds and a whole range of very positive impacts occur at QVM.

Yours Faithfully,

Concerned Trader

PS – if you like the greyhound idea, can I have the bookie’s concession?