Sunday 26 October 2014

Christmas Craft Market In L Shed Will Impact On Some Traders

A special Christmas craft market is to be held in L shed on the three Thursdays leading up to Christmas. It is intended that the market will add a new gift-buying element to the QVM offer during the festive season.

Car parking, storage, and existing stall use in RL will require some adjustment on those three special market days. Some traders in RL have historically extended their trading footprint into L shed.

A meeting of traders affected by the temporary arrangement will be held on Thursday 30th October at 3:30pm at the Queen St. end of String Bean Alley. The meeting will involve management members and traders as they discuss the impact of the special market on our operations and explore what measures will be required for a smooth transition. Only traders who trade in RL shed on a Thursday need attend.

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26/10/2014 20:38:57 Christmas market "Good to see Management leading the way on how to hand out information about the meeting for RL traders. My goodness it wasn't even on a letterhead for the market or signed by anyone in management and they say we need to lift our game." - Apparently that leaflet was intended for operations staff so they could advise traders. It was not intended for distribution. - Ed

26/10/2014 21:12:54 Christmas Market "I don't mind removing my storage box or car for this Market but I do object to being told that I will loose half the stall I have been trading in for over ten years and to just deal with it In my busiest month of the year."