Sunday 5 October 2014

Why Munro’s Site Needs QVM Control

There has been much publicity this week about Munro's corner being put on the market and the potential for this property to become the site for QVM's car park. Its proximity to the market and the potential for offsite construction make this an enticing option under certain conditions.

The disruption that would be caused by an underground car park under A, B, and C sheds (QVM's original preference) has been clearly identified but as a trader pointed out this week "At least it would be under QVM control". This is a valid point because, even QVM's free parking concessions (which many traders consider inadequate) are unlikely to be seen under a totally privately owned car park. City car parks are big money earners and private owners are not going to give shopper discounts just to improve business for traders.

Peter Langtry’s proposal ( suggested planning controls or City of Melbourne ownership to handle the control issue. It is certainly an attractive option. There are probably a number ways of linking the site's use with the interests of the market but if Munro's site does go solely to private developers then the likelihood of customer friendly parking rates is probably very small - maybe short term, but not long term.

Traders, particularly food traders, consider that our car park is part of the essential life-blood of the market. Can that life-blood be protected with a car park outside of QVM or CoM control?