Sunday 26 October 2014

Some SL Licence Renewals Only 1 Year

Management have advised that between now and June 2015, any licences up for renewal will be offered a 1 year term. This measure has been introduced to allow flexibility during the renewal process. Some licences contain a three year option and these will be honoured.

Essentially this will impact on renewals falling due before June 2015. The measures will be open to discussion following renewal.

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26/10/2014 20:34:01 1 year license "So effectively our businesses are now unsaleable and worthless because who would pay any goodwill on a business that can only operate on a one year contract. To say it's only from now is also not true as this has been happening under the radar for quiet a few months. What happened to open and transparent management.  You wonder why traders are so negative and untrusting, I want to believe that management care but the words and actions don't gel together. Come on guys we aren't all cowboys these are really businesses that are employing real people and we deserve to be treated with some respect for what we do instead of being made to feel like a substandard operation and a thorn in the side of managements big picture." Respect  

09/11/2014 08:02:09 SL License "So management have decided that our businesses are not worth anything. How can anyone be expected to sell a business with only a 1 year lease with no options. Management says if we sell, we sell our business not our stalls, but with no goodwill margin in the sale, that's just unfair.
This management claims to be working with us, but it feels more and more like their plan is to make all if traders feel like it would be easier to walk away, that way they are able to go ahead with their plans ( the ones they claim to not have, but more things keep pointing towards they have an agenda and plans in place.)
With purchase of Munros corner, surely the excuse o redevelopment is not a fair reason behind saying 1 year lease only, as the redevelopment now needs to be reconsidered. So in a couple if years time when the new plans are released, will te market have been shrunk by all of the non renewal of the 1 year leases." Disappointed in management