Friday 31 October 2014

Trader’s Promotion Idea Taken Up By Management

Traders are often willing to give advice on a range of topics and marketing and promotion is just one of the fields that gets regular attention. Unfortunately the real world has budgets and they are usually stretched to the max but here is one idea from a trader that looks like it could fly and has the support of our management marketing team.

A trader has suggested a cash giveaway for customers that is financed by $1 donations from traders. We have hundreds of traders in the market so, with full participation from traders, it won’t be difficult to rack up a few hundred dollars (up to $500 every market day) which would become a prize for a lucky customer, engender a buzz around the market, and attract extra customers.

The idea is that a professional busker will hand out tickets to customers while roaming the market. A draw will be held at 1:00pm each day, and the winning ticket announced over the PA system with unclaimed prizes jack potting to the next day’s draw. QVM will match trader’s contributions each day with a $250 voucher. Leftover contributions will go to the Royal Children’s Hospital Charity.

This sounds like a great opportunity to create an extra buzz around our market. For $1 per day, traders are urged to get on board with the start on November 13th and continuing each day through to Christmas Eve.