Sunday 28 December 2014

A Review Of Special Christmas Trading

QVM was open on Monday 22nd December and Wednesday 24th December as additional trading days in the lead up to Christmas and we were interested to find out from traders how they fared.

This is purely anecdotal feedback based on discussions with traders and we welcome your feedback if your experience was different or if you have any observations to make.
In the food areas, meat & fish hall, deli hall, and fruit & vege aisles, trade was strong although some questioned the merits of Monday trading. That appeared to be a quieter day.

In the top end there was a bit of a mixed bag although Tuesday was strong with many surprised by the good business levels on Wednesday. Monday was generally considered a quieter day although for a couple of traders it was their best showing. The general consensus seemed to be that the structured market set up in C, D, and E sheds looked good and worked well on the special trading days.

Next year Christmas Day falls on a Friday and we will once again need to consider the merits of Monday and Wednesday trading. There are many who feel that quieter trading on those days is simply a price we pay for providing convenience to our customers and the surety of continuous trading at this important time of year.