Sunday 28 December 2014

Permanent 7 Day Stalls – One Trader’s Controversial Idea.

QVM Renewal has brought with it much discussion about how our market can be re-vitalised and this trader has a controversial idea which has already gained support amongst some fellow traders.

Essentially his proposal is that permanent stalls would trade seven days per week in the same location. This would be done across the market and there would be no set up and pack down. Here are some of the features – 
- Stock and fittings would remain on site.
- Each stall would be professionally merchandised (a bit like the Therry St. marquee).
- Effective weather-proofing around the market and between sheds would be essential.
- The market would operate 7 days per week between the hours of say 9:00am and 4:00pm providing predictable convenience for our customers.
- Vehicles and storage boxes would be kept out of the market with stock being trolleyed in from designated loading areas (a bit like what happens in the Deli Hall).
- Extra security would be required to safeguard stock with traders paying a small levy. (Savings on box hire and stall set-up would help cover the cost).

There is much to consider with this proposal. In the past, the idea has been rejected because permanent stalls are contrary to a traditional open market. But retailing is changing and, as customers look for more convenience in their shopping, this idea would make it easier to convert set-up and pack-up time to serving time. In other words we could trade longer each day without having to spend more time at the market.

The Therry St Marquee has given us a glimpse of how a well-merchandised market could look. Apparently every participant in that experiment applauded the convenience of leaving stock and displays on site.

The seven days per week proposal will raise some concerns for time poor small family businesses but, as our proponent has argued, the cost of organising staff to operate a stall for selected times should be covered by the additional trading opportunities. 

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29/12/2014 12:14:37 7 days trading 9-4  "the concept is great. the idea  sounds great ... as long as our merchandise can be protected overnight, i would agree with this .."  

03/01/2015 13:48:51 Seven day trading "Seven days a week trading, fix trading time same for everyday. Fix location with weather and stocks protection will save cost and energy."