Monday 1 December 2014

Traders Comments - 1/12/2014

Here are some early comments from this weekend's articles. Keep them coming!

01/12/2014 09:57:44 Giveaway Voucher "I think it would be a better idea, if we announce two winners every market day with a prize money of $250 each. May be one at 11:00 am and the other one at 1:00 pm. In this case there would be more prize winners and more sales activities in favour of all the stall holders."

30/11/2014 19:57:07 Christmas Decorations "Just wanted to know if all the Christmas decorations were up now or is there more to come? The re vamp of the stars at the end of each shed is a great start but is that it ! A tree and some new, or should I say old but updated stars, is all we get !!!! Just think of how many people flock to see the Myers Window! If we could have all those people come to the Q V M to see our decorations think of all thoses extra customers! Why is it that an icon like the Q V M has the most crap Christmas Decorations in the city! Crown Does it so well ! We should be a destination point for Melbourne for everyone to come to at Christmas."

01/12/2014 13:14:28 Christmas decorations "I agree the decorations do not knock your socks off.the decorations at Crown are magical,perhaps the QVM could' be some where in between." 

01/12/2014 13:57:38 Trader Give Away "As ALL TRADERS, SHOPS, DELI, MEAT & FISH are required to take the QVM gift vouchers are we not giving them our form of cash.........They are able to spend these vouchers at any location within the QVM. The other notion you need to note, is that this giveaway is FREE to enter, they are not required to purchase a ticket, not even required to make a purchase within the market. All they need to do is collect a ticket and be at the market at 12pm......its not like they even need to wait around...... the weekday office workers can walk over at 11:55 grab a ticket, wait for the draw, if they win collect $500 (at the moment $250 cash) and walk away.....nothing making them spend the vouchers even, as they have $250 cash for going on a lunch break. A trader comment says lets give away 2 x $250 prizes, your article says the average spend is $100, so why not give away 5 x $100 prizes throughout the day......use the same raffle tickets, and make the draw every 30 mins from 10:30 till 1:00. that keeps people in the market, gives them multiple chances to win...... As the office would now know how much the traders are putting towards the draw (they would have of put the charges to those who did not say ""NO"" today, so if we have more than 250 traders supplying $1 each, lets say we have 500 traders all putting in $1, then the office is matching it, so that $1000 per day, we could offer that 5 x $200 vouchers, and if not claimed before the next draw it should jackpot, so it creates more interest in each draw throughout the day." Lance  

01/12/2014 22:10:00 The Ticket Draw "I agree , two draws x $ 250 , 2 times, or even 4 draws x $125 - all spending vouches...would benefit market traders ." Andy

02/12/2014 21:05:43 Christmas/New Year trading "I am a SL Trader, after reading through the letter from QVM sent to me regarding to the Christmas/New Year trading day as well as talk to the office. My understanding is that I will be additionally charged for the two days ( Mon, Wed) if I would like to trade on those days. Being an SL trader mean I already paid for those day in my monthly rental, why on earth I have to pay more for something I have already paid for anyway."  
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