Saturday 13 December 2014

Traders Breakfast Photos

Friday morning's breakfast for traders was ably conducted by members of the management team and got a positive response from traders. 

Latecomers missed out on the lobster tails (only joking) but there were plenty of sausages, onions and bacon to go around. 

Setting up duties meant that most traders could only spend 10 minutes or so to socialise but the general consensus seemed to be that this was a worthwhile event and should be repeated next year, perhaps with a 6:00am to 8:00am spread (and more lobster tails).

Here are some photos - 

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13/12/2014 08:13:14 Friday breakfast "A thank you to management for this opportunity. It was not about the sausage sizzle but about being able to get together in a neutral setting. It was an opportunity to openly communicate. I learned a lot that has given me a new perspective on several matters and clarified others.
I now feel I owe an apology to management for my rant the other day re additional rent for SL licence holders. A complete explanation makes a huge difference, not saying I totally agree but can now see where management is coming from. It is not a them and us attitude, we all want the best outcomes for QVM, we just have differences in how to get there." Karl, ADK