Sunday 25 January 2015

Fair Warning On Boxes And Vehicles In Stalls

At the end of October QVM announced tougher policies on the parking of storage boxes and vehicles. This was part of a move to clean up our market and largely supported by the trader population. Some traders are not abiding by these policies and they may need to review their arrangements and some may need to seek special consideration because the market is about to start enforcing the rules.
Storage boxes have to be parked within a trader’s stall or removed to the enclosed M Shed or Franklin St. stores. Vehicles cannot be parked within the market unless allowed by the stallholder’s licence (in which case the vehicle had to be fully parked within the stall). The parking of boxes or vehicles in adjoining stalls or areas like String Bean Alley will not be allowed.
At Thursday’s QVMAC Meeting, management announced that letters will shortly be sent to all traders advising of penalties to be imposed on traders who do not abide by these market rules.
In the case of vehicles, traders who cannot park within their stalls will need to find alternative parking outside the market. There are parking facilities available in A’Beckett St. and other nearby locations.
Boxes will need to be parked within stalls or removed to M shed and Franklin St. storage facilities. The demand for these off-site storage facilities exceeds demand so there will be some traders who will need to change their operations i.e. start to park their boxes within their stalls. There may be a small number of traders who will need special consideration and they are urged to contact their trader representatives so that an approach can be made to management. Examples may include traders with very narrow stalls on walkways where space is at an absolute premium. It is unlikely that any standard stall would qualify for special consideration. 

We are announcing management’s intentions in advance so that traders can inquire and make alternative arrangements well before penalties start to be issued. Please do not leave this until the last minute.

26/01/2015 13:02:01 Boxes and vehicles in stalls "Traders should be prepared to keep boxes and vehicles in their own area or transfer to an  area  which suits their needs.
We have personally  had great difficulty exiting E Shed on Thursdays due to Boxes and vehicles  repeatedly  left by Traders from else where as well as site traders leaving their vehicles over the line metres or more on both sides when they have ample room to park in their stalls" A & J   E shed