Sunday 25 January 2015

Traders Comments - 25/1/2015

We have received a few comments about the recent increase and here a two that came in via Have Your Say.

15/01/2015 11:17:39 Rent increases "It's now almost cheaper to rent a 100sqm space in the city, with power, water, gas, heating, cooling and if course a shop front address with doors and windows. 
The market used to be a thriving space, with 1000+ traders, but now with the highs rents, lower turnover, traders are leaving and finding long term traders is becoming harder and harder. The markets used to be a place that small businesses started out, but these days you can go to the smaller weekend markets, pay a much smaller rent and try out your products, or if you can talk your way into a shopping centre or shop on a short term lease you can test your business on a month to month basis. Plenty of shops will lease on a short term basis these days while looking for a long term tenant. 
Maybe if the rents were reduced we could attract more stall holders, maybe even reduce our prices, and increase customer volumes all through this one process of having a full market of traders again, thus making us an attraction. 1000 stall holders at a reduced rent would actually make the QVM PTY LTD more income than 500 traders at a higher rent." Lance
24/01/2015 16:53:46 Rent increase "4% is twice the current inflation rate extremely hard on Traders many are behind in their rent at this current time.
Who can we discuss this with ?  It reflects on the Market  with  lack of Traders turning up because they simply cant afford to trade " Alby   R  E shed

Stall Security - a trader who has fallen victim to thieves a number of times in recent months is asking whether statistics are kept on stall thefts and whether it is time to review our security arrangements.

Special BBQ Event - a trader has pointed out that next week's Melbourne BBQ Festival (Sunday 1st February) is being held in Queen St. from 10am to 10 pm and asks if management considered the possibility of extending the day market to take advantage of additional trading opportunities.

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