Sunday 11 January 2015

Retail News Shorts

Too Much Signage Can Be Too Much – An article on Inside Retail suggests that rather than inform customers with signage we should show them with professional merchandising and demonstrations. A good example is the fruiterer who rather than posting “Fresh Fruit” signs around his stall, actually cuts open delicious looking pieces of fruit for all to see.

New Flights From New Caledonia – A customer tells us that the new direct flights to Melbourne from New Caledonia are cheaper and likely to generate more market customers from that part of the world.

A Shop Refit Guaranteed To Bring New Sales – Monash University’s Department of Marketing says that a store refit generates 43-44 percent more sales to new customers and increases sales to existing customers by 7-10 percent. The report identified store re-modelling as a significant factor in improving sales performance.  

New Stall Concept - One of our traders is leaving his mark with a new Henna Body Art stall in the top end.