Sunday 25 January 2015

Product Watch - What We Want To See At QVM

Smart Watches - the hype over smart watches is almost unbelievable as consumers become excited about digital content on their wrists. There are already a number of contenders in the marketplace including Samsung's latest which features its own SIM card. But the big focus is on the Apple Smart Watch which it is claimed will dominate the market and that watch isn't even available for sale yet.
QVM has a number of dedicated watch sellers, each with a huge range of watch styles. Is there room for some smart watches?

Self-Weighing Luggage - in what seems a no-brainer, a luggage case has just been
designed that weighs itself. That's right - no more guessing, and no more embarrassing moments at airline check-ins. Traders can curse the restrictive weight limits imposed by airlines but our luggage sellers just may be able to cash in. The case shown could actually include features like phone charging and weather forecasting according to the manufacturer.

Charging Shoes - a German researcher is working on shoes that convert energy used in walking to electrical energy for powering devices. You may never have to charge your smart phone from a power point again. Harvesting methods include the force generated when your heel hits the ground and swinging mechanisms that use the energy when your foot swings forward. 

Any more products you would like to see at QVM? Let us know in Have Your Say below.