Sunday 18 January 2015

"Victraders Is Being Too Negative"

"Victraders is being too negative" according to trader, Lana, and there is merit in what she says.

Lana's point is that much of what is happening around us in retail is not going to change, at least short term, and dwelling on the negatives is not going to help our businesses. Lana is talking about the various articles on Victraders that attempt to find answers to the global retail predicament.

And she is right. As traders we need present a smiling face to our customers and concentrate on giving them good service and a reason to keep coming back to QVM. Mulling over the woes of retailing is not going to help our daily relationship with customers. We have a great market that has a lot to offer, and we need to embrace the positives.

As we enter into a new trading year, the time is right to tweak our product offer, find some new concepts to excite our customers and freshen up our appearance. Thank you Lana. We can all do with some attitude refreshment from time to time. There is a sub-editors role going at Victraders if you are interested.

And we finish with a couple of positives –
-        80% of customers value real personal service – QVM traders are better positioned than most retailers to give that personal service. We interact, face to face, with each of our customers every day.
-        QVM is about to go through a major renewal with a prime purpose of creating a better trading environment for traders and customers.

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