Saturday 3 January 2015

Some New Year Resolutions If You Can’t Think Of Any.

Coming up with meaningful things to do in the new year can be a real pain so we have decided to take the pain out and write some suggestions that will get you ahead in 2015. You can pick all of them or just one – go on, have a go!

1. Email a customer or a group of customers and tell them about a new product you have introduced for 2015.

2. Put your mobile phone in a safe place when you arrive at the market and then just check it once or twice during the day but don’t let it distract you.

3. Ditch all those unhealthy plastic carry bags and order paper bags (from Shop For Shops Tel: 03 8419 9222)

4. Change your table cloths.

5. Plan a bold new face for your stall (email and write – “I would like to do a stall makeover”)

6. Write to a supplier and tell them you want 10 exciting new products.

7. Establish some sort of online presence (email and write – “I would like a presence on the QVM website”).

8. Print your own business cards.

9. Ring your bank and say “I want a mobile EFTPOS facility with PayWave”.

10. Google your product category and checkout latest product developments around the globe. (e.g. “Latest in phone covers”)

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