Friday 13 March 2015

A Summary of the Strategic Brief on QVM Renewal

This is dangerous – any attempt to summarise a 158 page document into a few paragraphs is doomed to failure. There is just too much to take in and the renewal project is too important to gloss over. 
So this article is not an attempt to relieve traders of the need to read the document that briefed the Draft Master Plan. If nothing else we expect it will encourage you to read further and embrace a very comprehensive and impressive look at QVM and its future. The Strategic Brief is worth the full read.

Some Notes From Reading The Strategic Brief
- The vision for QVM incorporates 3 elements - a market of markets, a Melbourne experience and a community meeting place.
- Upgraded facilities are a key element of this document with particular attention to more efficient back of house facilities – cleaning, storing, processing, loading and unloading, vehicle parking – and how to separate these processes from pedestrian areas.
- The market will be available 7 days with different levels of trading – some 7 day retailing, particularly around the edges – shorter trading options will continue but customers will have some sort of offer 7 days.
- The market will have an edge – the edge will be largely occupied by 7 day traders and the empty warehouse/car park look will be removed.
- Lower Market – the food areas between Queen St. and Elizabeth St. will be largely unchanged although back of house facilities will be improved to remove unsightly, smelly and inefficient operations.
- H&I Sheds remain a question mark with a number of proposals including the possibility of moving the F&V operations to the Upper Market or more clearly identifying the role of the competing F&V precincts.
- The possibility of new locations for current take away food offers in the Deli Hall and replacing them with a more distinctive Dairy Produce offer.
- Sheds A-E will feature a variety of trading options including, box-based setups, fixed stalls, and lock up shops.
- Sheds E and F will be linked with a possible “arcade effect” (we assume with weather protection) and possibly operate 7 days.
- Sheds JKL and SBA will become flexible trading areas allowing a diverse range of markets and events.
- Vehicles will be pretty much banned from all trading areas (apart from loading and unloading) with the possibility of special onsite parking for some trader’s vehicles.
- Peel St. would become the “business end” of the market with a combination of larger format retail trading and the main service point for traders, management, wholesalers and suppliers in the upper market.
- The J shed cemetery wall will be identified as an historic feature in the market.
- The Aboriginal Cemetery will be recognised possibly through a special dedication of space in F shed.
- The toilet block on Queen St. will be relocated to clearly identify this important pedestrian area as Market Cross linking Queen St., Therry St. and J Shed walkway.
- Queen St. will be closed to through traffic and include an expanded food offer.
- Therry St. will become an area of 7 day trading and location for special markets.
- The existing car park will be converted to open space.
- The Elizabeth St. administration offices will be vacated for retail and hospitality purposes.
- A Visitor Centre will be built on Queen St. adjacent to the current bus parking area to showcase the market, Melbourne food and regional tourism.
- A Tourist Bus Arrival Point is planned with links to the City Circle Tram, a possible departure point for regional bus tours, and possibly offsite parking for buses.
- A Market Education Centre is planned for the use of traders, public, schools and industry and to highlight the rich heritage of our market.
- Other potential opportunities include converting The Munro Site to car parking/retail offer, The Franklin St. Stores as an Education Centre, Onsite Radio Broadcasting and a Food & Wine Industry Hub.

We want to emphasise that many of these components are described as “possible” or “proposed” and will be the subject of much more discussion. When you are ready to read the complete story, here is the link -
And you can still book one of the information sessions through the Engagement Hub on Queen St. to get a verbal presentation.

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