Friday 6 March 2015

Traders Comment Could Become Catchcry

Trader, Drita, sent us the following quote this week - 

"A market is a place for families to shop which is run by families "

Drita believes this simple statement describes who we are and we are not going to argue with that. The concept of family goes to many issues. 

The 7 day trading debate is just one issue that demands special attention because of the predominance of family businesses in our market. Many families feel they need a break from business activity so that the family social structure can perform its very important role in our lives. Our Deli Hall traders are currently discussing a proposal to guarantee 52 week trading in their leases which will prevent shops closing for annual leave. Balancing the family role with our customers desire for 24/7 access is going to be one of the challenges of our current renewal process. 

On the other hand, family businesses are considered to have some very special advantages when it comes to things like customer service. A family's passion and commitment to a business, often with generational connections, can go beyond normal expectations of a retail store. If market traders can equal the service levels of shopping centres and then add in that dose of family expertise and commitment, we are creating a retail environment that our competitors cannot equal.

06/03/2015 17:22:23 Family Business "When I talk about families running  businesses in the market and  I look at our shoppers we are the same …whether its the people coming to buy food for the week, you'll see them as a  family, when a child is going oversea for the first time, they are with they family shopping for their adventure or  when a bus come from interstate for the football or events, it usually a family group making the trip.
 I don't want to see our market turned into a Federation Square were people are just hanging around, I don't want to see alcohol being consumed at all times of the day. We stand for family and whether or not we employ staff,a large percentage of stalls at the market still have a family member working with them.
 So when I'm asked whats important to me be about the renewal and what I hope for is that we remember who we are. Change has to come, we all accept that in order for the market to survive for many more years to come however,lets not lose sight of who were are and  one of David O'Nell key points was ""don't lose your soul."" and I believe our soul is family." Drita Mclennan