Friday 20 March 2015

QVM Board Gives Assurances On Consultation

As reported in the article below, Trader Representatives, George Milonas and Greg Smith made a presentation to the QVM Board on Thursday. One of the issues raised with the Board concerned the lack of detail about important issues contained in briefing documents on QVM renewal.

Later the same day a Queen Victoria Market Advisory Committee* meeting was held and two Board members attended our meeting. There was much discussion around the need for detail and Board member Jane Fenton gave an assurance that traders will be deeply involved in detail as soon as priorities are identified. She said that has always been the intention of the Board.

It would seem there is still some time before that will be possible. The current engagement process continues through to the end of the month and then CoM will need to consider a final draft**. Trader Representatives were encouraged by Jane Fenton’s assurance. It is essential that traders are able to develop informed views and give appropriate advice on the basis of a detailed analysis of renewal components.

* The QVMAC is an advisory body including elected Trader Representatives, QVM management, and attended by QVM Board members.

**If you haven't yet read the Draft Master Plan or the Strategic Brief, here are the links -
Download the Draft Master Plan document by clicking on one of the entries below.
   a. - PDF document.
   b. - Word document.
There is also a Strategic Brief compiled by QVM which informed the Draft Master Plan. It has a lot more detail and is available here -